April Biz Fit: Business Check-In & Check-Up *Extended Time 8am-9:30am*

Fri 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Topic: Managing a Business

What is your "APGAR" score? The APGAR is a brief test given to newborns after 1 and 5 minutes of life on earth to check their vital signs and how they are functioning in the world.

What's your business's vital signs of health? How is your business functioning? How do you get IT and YOU balanced, sustainable and vital in the months ahead?

Let's use a Biz Fit informal gathering to Check In & Check Up regarding your business vital signs:

  • External (Marketing, outreach, communications, etc.),
  • Internal (Operations, financials, HR, etc.),
  • Personal (Self-care as a business owner).

We'll discuss together in small and large groups how to define what a "healthy" business means to us as business owners and identify what action steps you may want to take individually between Check-Ups.

This will be a supportive and engaging time together to learn, discover, and build the strength of our businesses. We are delighted to be joined once again by Marsha Dunn, Graphic Facilitator who will visually capture the conversations.

Let's meet over a cup of morning coffee or tea. (You may want a power breakfast for this session!) This is an informal space for women to confidentially connect, network, and learn together about keeping their business, and themselves, fit!

Fee: No Cost